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Our Mission

We are more than a tourism company.

We are a multidisciplinary group of people who integrate nature and its communities in our raison d’être. Sustaining and trusting in an integrated and balanced model between economy, nature and society.

Our mission is to deliver a unique and incomparable experience to any local or foreign person who wants to go into the Chilean Patagonia and live an extraordinary moment that will last in their memory, providing tourism services of excellence associated with the indomitable elements of Earth and Water, incorporating and making visible in an educational and substantial way our reason for being as a company: Nature and Local Culture.

Our vision

“We don’t want to be the best in the world, we want to be better for the world.”

We aspire to be an adventure tourism company with purpose, committed to generate a positive social and environmental impact from what we know how to do well, providing a professional, quality service with the highest safety standards in each of our programs. Together with a dedicated and passionate team that is in tune with the creation of value that benefits people, communities and nature.


We are passionate and passionate about what we do, delivering the best of us with the greatest energy and enthusiasm. We are committed to deliver an exceptional experience to our clients.


It is an elementary principle that leads our company, handling and managing all associated risks with the highest safety standards in all our voyages.


We are committed to generating a positive impact in the social and environmental areas that involve the values and philosophy of our company, following the guidelines of the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the UN.


We are a team that together we complement each other, working together and associatively to empower ourselves as individuals and as a company.


Dayana Cañón

CEO & Founder

The appreciation for nature, the search for new adventures together with the attachment to social issues has led me to what I am and what I want today.

My name is Dayana Cañón and I am an Expeditions and Ecotourism Engineer by profession with a diploma in Operations and Logistics Management. Kayaker, Packrafter and water lover. With experience in diverse and varied tourist and scientific expeditions covering Patagonia, insular Chile and Antarctica.

Collaborator and volunteer in different action groups for climate protection, gender equity and social equality.

And today, after years of searching, I find myself and understand what I want to give to the world. Today, together with the pillars that I am passionate about, I am positioning myself with Patagónica to aspire to be a company with meaning, a better company for the world.

Luke Hotto

My name is Luke, I am originally from Colorado and arrived in Chile in 2015 where I fell in love with the nature of a place called Patagonia.

I studied plant microbiology, viticulture and enology in the United States and my biggest hobbies are outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and fishing, an activity in which I specialize and practice for over 25 years.

I love to show people the importance of nature and how to live in symbiosis with the planet. Today I am part of Patagónica Explorer with the objective of sharing, teaching and delivering the diverse perspectives of the value that nature has, from the micro like fungi or bacteria to the macro like big whales.


You will find out all the news and new routes we will open for Patagonia.