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Comau Fjord


3 days


Minimum 3 persons


Medium – High


Comau Fjord, Quintupeu Fjord, Cahuelmo Fjord, Abascal Lagoon, boat and packraft navigation, hiking, natural hot springs.

Don’t miss an unforgettable adventure through the Comau Fjord and enjoy its majestic landscapes in a conscious experience.

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The fjords of Patagonia compose a scenery of high mountains and steep banks, with depths of more than 400 meters along with abrupt shores where they are positioned crowned hills covered with thick and dense vegetation.

It is here where we will enjoy two different types of navigations; by boat and packraft, through the waters that make up the fjord. Starting from the Hornopirén dock, we sail south towards the Cahuelmo fjord. Arriving at the latter to enjoy the relaxing and natural hot springs that make up the place, delighting us with the beautiful view that we will have around us, enjoying good food and great conversations.

The adventure continues with a hiking that we will do on the second day, where we will know the predominant vegetation of the place, arriving at the end of the trail to the mystical Abascal Lake. There we will paddle in packraft and we will know the waterfalls that are positioned in the lake. Returning in the afternoon to return to enjoy the warm hot springs that await us.

  • All your desire to know, enjoy and learn.
  • Adequate clothing for the terrain and a spare
  • Clothes to get wet
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Shoes/slippers to get wet
  • Drinks
  • Water bottle
  • Sun block
  • Documents or passport
  • Boat transportation
  • Complete packraft equipment (4 piece paddle packraft, PFD or life jacket and helmet)
  • Entrance fee to hot springs
  • Full meals: breakfast (2), lunch (3), dinner (2)
  • Professional guide certified in first aid.