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Patagonia Parks Route Passport: SERNATUR’s new initiative

This month, SERNATUR (National Tourism Service), Conaf and the Rewilding Chile Foundation, the legacy of Tompkins Conservation, seeks to encourage responsible tourism and invites you to explore this territory. Chilean Patagonia stretches from Puerto Montt to Cape Horn, in addition to seventeen national parks. To achieve this, they created the Patagonia Parks Route Passport.

The Patagonia Parks Route Passport: SERNATUR’s new initiative

It is undeniable that Chilean Patagonia is one of the most emblematic destinations in the world, making our country an attractive place for tourism, a sector that has been damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the aim of reactivating tourism activities, a project called “Patagonia Parks Route Passport: SERNATUR’s new initiative” was created.

Now, travelers who want to visit Patagonia will have to adhere to the zero-footprint commitment and engage in responsible tourism along the Patagonia Parks Route. The authorities aim to raise awareness about the importance of national parks as engines of local economies and of Chilean Patagonia as a destination for conservation and nature tourism.

How to get it?

It is a free passport with limited stock. Individuals must register by scanning a QR code

which is available at the regional offices of Sernatur and Conaf in Los Lagos, Aysén and Magallanes, as well as in the Alerce Andino, Pumalín Douglas Tompkins, Cerro Castillo and Torres del Paine national parks, in addition to the tourism office in Puyuhuapi.

Once registered, the interested party will receive an email confirming the application. The next step is to approach one of the tourist informants or park rangers to receive the passport.

How does it work?

Each authorized national park has its own stamp. When touring a park, the traveler must approach the park rangers to have his visit stamped.

The invitation is to share your trips along the Ruta de los Parques through social networks using #YoVivoLaRuta and tagging @conaf_minagri, @chile_estuyo and @rutadelosparquesdelapatagonia.

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