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Pio XI Glacier


7 days


Minimum 4 persons




Navigation, glacier, packraft, gastronomy and local culture.

Don’t miss an unforgettable adventure on the Pío XI Glacier and enjoy a fascinating exploration of the best that Patagonia has to offer.

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The largest glacier in South America is located in Campo de Hielo Sur, being the Pío XI Glacier a glacier that succumbs in constant expansion. Enjoying the inner Chilean Patagonia, its fjords, culture and gastronomy together with the implacable beauty of the blue and millenary ice that is concentrated in an area of 1265 km2 will be an image that will be reborn in your memory for decades.

We will navigate with local skippers through the fjords to approach the glacier’s front and from there we will begin to paddle in packraft and witness from a different perspective all the energy that emanates and gives us the northern part of the Southern Ice Field.

  • All your desire to know, enjoy and learn.
  • Adequate clothing for the terrain and a spare
  • Clothes to get wet
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Shoes/slippers to get wet
  • Drinks
  • Water bottle
  • Sun block
  • Documents or passport
  • Boat transportation
  • Complete packraft equipment (4 piece paddle packraft, PFD or life jacket and helmet)
  • Entrance fee to hot springs
  • Full meals: breakfast (2), lunch (3), dinner (2)
  • Professional guide certified in first aid.